Bayonetta Origins dev blog details the game's theme song

Find out how the theme came to be

23 March 2023
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Earlier this week, PlatinumGames and Nintendo released a recording session video for the theme song to Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. Today, we get even more insight into that theme in a new dev blog.

Today’s blog, written by composer Hitomi Kurokawa, details the creation process of Bayonetta Origins’ theme and soundtrack in general. According to Kurokawa, when it came to the theme, she was asked to “write a theme song that instantly conveys the world of a brand-new Bayonetta.” This was also the first track Kurokawa was ever asked to write lyrics for.

Supervising director Hideki Kamiya told Kurokawa that he wanted the song to be a piece that “told the story from beginning to end,” so the pressure was definitely on. If you’d like to see how all of this came together, you can find the full blog here.

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