Project EGG titles announced for Switch

Another win for retro gamers

24 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

D4 Enterprise has announced plans bring Project EGG games to the Switch. Project EGG is a retro games distribution service, and specific titles coming to Switch have not yet been revealed.

Project EGG includes titles that were originally released for the MSX, PC-9801, and PC-8801, and brings them to platforms like Windows, PicoPico for smartphones, and Virtual Console for Wii U (MSX), Wii (MSX, NEOGEO, Arcade), and 3DS. .

D4 Enterprise has said that the plan is to bring over as many Project EGG titles to Switch as possible, but again, we don’t have any specifics on when they’ll arrive or what titles to expect.

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1y ago

All I would like is treasure of usas and firehawk on msx 2 and pc 88 and I'm happy.

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