Spike Chunsoft, Inc. today released new details about the Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE bonus digital novel, How to Be a Master Detective: A Yakou Furio Case.

The digital novel How to Be a Master Detective: A Yakou Furio Case is an original, newly written story about the younger days of Yakou Furio, the head of the Nocturnal Detective Agency, and serves as a prequel to the main story of the game. It contains no spoilers and can be read before playing the game. The digital novel is supervised by Kazutaka Kodaka, main scenario writer for Master Detectives Archives: RAIN CODE, and written by Yoichiro Koizumi.

Set in Kanai Ward, Yakou Furio is a young man who drifts day to day with no prospects for advancement. His fate is changed when he meets a Master Detective with the ability to see the future…

Initial prints of Master Detectives Archives: RAIN CODE Standard Edition and Mysteriful Limited Edition will come with a printed voucher code for the bonus digital novel. The printed voucher code will be included in the physical packages of both editions.

Yakou Furio: Head of the Nocturnal Detective Agency

  • Japanese VA: Takehito Koyasu
  • English VA: Kaiji Tang

Head of the only agency in Kanai Ward, the Nocturnal Detective Agency. An aloof and elusive man. Although not a Master Detective, he is certified by the World Detective Organization, which suggests he is an excellent detective.

That said, he is somewhat weak-kneed, and his agency’s policy is to stay quiet and refrain from any overt behavior that might lead to conflict with the Amaterasu Corporation Peacekeepers.

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