Slowly but sure, Nintendo has been sharing more details on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. One point they’ve been driving home in recent weeks is the importance of the Master Sword. Sure, the Master Sword plays a part in pretty much every Zelda game, but it’s clear something bigger is going on with it in Tears of the Kingdom.

Proving that point even more is the image above, which was actually trademarked by Nintendo. We often see Nintendo trademark game names and title imagery, but trademarking one specific piece of artwork for a game is a different situation altogether. We have seen this ‘destroyed’ version of the Master Sword in some artwork for Tears of the Kingdom so far, along with a somewhat different version in the game’s logo, but Nintendo felt the version above was work locking in with a trademark as well.

Of course, fans are already hard at work trying to translate the text surrounding the Master Sword, as it no doubt holds all kinds of interesting details. Hopefully that translation leaves to a whole new wave of speculation, as we’ve still got just under two months until launch, and we need something to fill our time with!

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1y ago

The circling text makes me think:
One Sword to rule them all, One Sword to find them, One Sword to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

The circle symbols remind me also of the ancient Newgrange tomb in Ireland which is older than the pyramids. It has spiral symbols carved into stone which look similar. The Zelda team often takes inspiration from ancient cultures around the world so I wonder if they looked to Ireland for some inspiration.

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