Pokémon Co. has announced that they’ll be running a special Pikachu campaign at Pokémon Centers in Japan from April 22nd to June 30th, 2023.

This Pikachu campaign will offer fans a chance to pick up a variety of different Pikachu merch from Pokémon Center locations, including a custom Pikachu. This ‘My Pikachu’ plush is priced at roughly $13 and they all feature slightly different facial expressions, bodies and tails. Sift through what’s available at the Pokémon Center and take home a unique plush all of your own. You can even make a custom name tag!

Pokémon Center locations will also be offering a Pika Pika Forest attraction, which is also priced at roughly $13. This will let you experience what it’s like meeting a Pikachu while wandering through the forest.

Lastly, there will be a variety of Pikachu-themed sweets available at Pokémon Café locations as well. Fans will be able to gobble up special Pikachu ice cream floats, waffles and more.

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