LEGO 2K Drive includes in-game currency and real money shops

Don't have cash? Well, you can hit the bricks.

24 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 1

LEGO 2K Drive was officially revealed this week, and it aims to be a LEGO-fied take on the Mario Kart franchise, albeit with some gameplay tweaks and unique mechanics. The game will also have shops where players can purchase various items, and it turns out some of them will require real-world cash.

A 2K PR rep has confirmed that LEGO 2K Drive will allow players to purchase various content through in-game shops. Some of that content can be purchased with a currency you earn in-game, while other items will require real-world money. You can see the 2K rep’s response in full below.

“Lego 2K Drive features an in-game store, Unkie’s Emporium, where players can acquire optional items including new vehicles, minifigures and more. There are two types of items in the store, ones that can be purchased using Brickbux earned through playing, or ones that can be purchased using coins obtained through a real currency purchase. Safety and responsibility was a top priority for us when creating Lego 2K Drive. To ensure parents can make the right decisions for their kids, to make purchases a player must create a 2K Account. If the player is underage, their account must be verified by an adult, who then has the ability to block in-game money purchases.”

[2K representative]

As for the specifics on what players will be able to purchase and how it will impact their racing both in solo and multiplayer, that remains to be seen.

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1y ago

So the 2K stand for how much money they hope you spend on it.