Sea of Stars looks and sounds like a 16-bit RPG, but obviously it’s only mimicking those days. Both the game’s visuals and sound are meant to remind you of that classic gaming era, while what you’re actually getting is far too sophisticated for what the SNES was capable of. A good example of that comes from the game’s sound work.

Game Informer spoke to Sea of Stars composer Eric W. Brown to get some insight on the soundtrack, and it turns out Brown used a rather interesting approach to creating some of the monster sound effects. Rather than going with straightforward samples or midi instruments, Brown reached out to some friends for a bit of performance.

“I called up a lot of my vocalist friends, and I got them to just record a voice memo. I had no direction for them other than, ‘I just want stuff to add to the pile that I can chop up and process.’ And they’re like, ‘Yeah, cool.’ So they just send it over, and so I have like a stockpile.”

[Eric W. Brown, composer]

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