Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin turned out to be a surprise hit for Marvelous, selling far more copies than the company expected. This has opened the game up to all sorts of merchandising opportunities, and a rather unique one has been revealed.

The Nakagawa Shuzo sake brewery in Tottori, Japan has crafted a special sake for Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. As rice and sake both play a part in Sakuna, an official sake only makes sense! This sake uses Goriki rice, which was cultivated in Tottori over a hundred years ago, so it should certainly be a specialty of Nakagawa Shuzo.

One bottle of this sake is priced at 4,367 yen ($35), a premium price for a premium daiginjo, meaning at least half of the rice’s outer layers has been polished away. This price wasn’t enough to keep customers away, though, as the product is already sold out! Hopefully a new batch will see release in the near future.


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