If you’ve seen any of the trailers of commercials for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, you’ve no doubt heard snippets of tunes you recognize. The movie seems to be chock-full of melodies ripped straight from Mario’s history of game, albeit with some major orchestral makeovers. There’s no doubt Mario fans are in for quite the audio treat when the movie arrives on April 5th, 2023.

In a Screen Rant feature, Super Mario Bros. movie composer Brian Tyler spoke a lot about the work he put into the film’s soundtrack. Tyler created some unique tunes and referenced a ton of Mario songs, but most importantly, he had Nintendo composer Koji Kondo to work alongside and bounce ideas off of.

Koji Kondo, the original writer of this music, who I adore and am friends with, was a big part of this. I would talk to him back and forth: “Okay, what about this? What do you think if I did this for this?” because I wanted to incorporate things. Sometimes it’s invisible, [or] just like an Easter egg. The harp might be doing a line from the select screen on Mario Kart that only happens when you’re in the waiting room. There’s a part [in the movie] where Mario and Luigi are in a waiting room, and I thought it’d be cool [if] within the score that’s actually a mystery score, you hear the harp playing the waiting room music. I wanted to completely dive in and make [the film’s music] a feast for people that watch it 1,000 times, or Mario fans, but [ensure it] also works on a dramatic level.

[Brian Tyler, composer]

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1y ago

So far the music, score and other sound effects have been on point from the trailers. I’d imagine there will be as many audio Easter Eggs as visual ones in the Final Cut of the movie.


1y ago

So fun! This is like Disney- or Pixar-level nods.