A new report from NME states that developers working on Just Dance: 2023 Edition dealt with considerable crunch while building out the title, and were given tasks many found ‘impossible’ to tackle within their timeframe.

The report, which was fueled by comments from anonymous Just Dance: 2023 Edition devs funneled by French union Solidaires Informatique, reveals excessive crunch for developers, a strong push for employees to work overtime, and a mandate to completely change the game’s engine just 11 months before launch.

Requests from higher-ups at Ubisoft continued to bog the team down, with some changes and new features being forced on developers, and late-stage revamps being mandated as well. Ubisoft promised to hire more staff to help out with all of these tasks, but according to the anonymous devs, that didn’t happen.

Apparently 13-hour shifts were the norm for those working on Just Dance: 2023 Edition, and that went for developers and quality assurance testers. There were also reports that some staffers worked even longer hours than that on some days. All this led to the dev team asking for the game to be pushed into 2024, but Ubisoft said that, “Just Dance must be under Christmas trees.”

As of this time, Ubisoft is yet to comment on these allegations. Should they release a statement, we’ll update the story.


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1y ago

I hate seeing these stories but it’s good that they’re being told. Ubisoft is big enough that it doesn’t NEED to hit a holiday release of a game. Let people work normal hours and let them more time to finish a game if needed.