Illumination’s marketing machine is in full effect for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie and today we have an entertaining ad showing NBA athlete, Klay Thompson, trying out Mario’s Boots on the court.

These are the same boots that Nintendo and Illumination had commissioned from Red Wing Shoes to be displayed in the Nintendo NY store.

The ad is a charming video of Klay Thompson playing basketball while “wearing” the iconic shoes. We never actually see Thompson wearing the shoes just holding them after he’s done playing. Nevertheless, we are still treated to some classic Mario sound effects and Thompson whistling the Mario theme.

Speaking candidly, this is a strange amount of promotion for a shoe that, as far as we know, is not available for purchase. It is clearly meant to be more a promotion for the film that opens on April 5th but hopefully all the excitement can convince Nintendo to sign off on official Mario shoes for fans to buy.

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