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28 March 2023
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Today the new season of SMITE, the Season of Hope, has begun!

Players can now enjoy the Conquest map reformed with Maya influences, the new Battle Pass: Duality, a brand-new modernized HUD, a global Healing update, plus the “Hope Reborn” thematic event. Will this bounty of content be enough to stop Ragnarök?

The Season of Hope follows the Season of Monsters, launched last January, and in total SMITE will release four fully fledged Seasons in 2023. Each will have an overarching theme based on the major shifts and new features that it will include.

With the Season of Hope comes a new Conquest map inspired by Maya themes and Ix Chel’s imminent arrival next month as the new Goddess.

Hope has started to manifest in the form of magical plants and vines grown across the entire battleground, healing the fiery devastation wrought by Surtr. The geography and pathing have entirely changed, bringing an improved and refreshed Conquest experience.

On the gameplay front, the Season of Hope has transformed the very nature of Healing in SMITE! A reduction cap has been added while the “Brawling” buff/debuff and power scalings have been removed – that applies to all Healing effects including lifesteal. Hundreds of balance changes and reworks for both items and abilities derive from this, and five new items have been created.

Also out today, many new cosmetics are themed around the Season of Hope in the Hope Reborn event, including the latest “Tier 5” skin with multiple forms – Leading Lady Aphrodite. The Hope Reborn event will host over 20 new skins and cosmetics throughout the Season, including Elven Enchanter Morgan Le Fay and Voidsworn Surtr.

In addition, the new Battle Pass: Duality features an increased number of levels—from 60 to 90—and 7 skins in total for Nox, Ah Muzen Cab, King Arthur, and Zeus.

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