As we’ve discussed in the past, Sifu is getting a free game expansion - Arenas Mode - on Switch. That update is set to arrive sometime in Q2 2023, but today brings us a new trailer to check out. Give the video above a watch to see what this update will pack in.

The Arenas Expansion will push the most experienced Kung-Fu masters to their limits in 45 merciless challenges spread over nine dynamic locations, completely separate from the main story mode. Adding over 10 extra hours of gameplay to the already demanding title, even the most accomplished of martial artists will be put to the test as they face a whole new type of challenge across five new modes.

One of 2022’s most critically-acclaimed releases, which recently surpassed more than 2 million sales worldwide, Sifu is bringing more to players with its fourth free major update since its launch in addition to the Arenas Expansion including new outfits, achievements, quality of life improvements and Chinese Cantonese voice-over. Also coming are 28 new cheats to unlock new character moves and more, as well as nine new gameplay modifiers allowing players to bend the rules of the game. Players can also hone their advanced skills with new lessons in the training room, experience they’ll need to tackle the hordes of enemies - which sport improved AI - across both the main game and the Arenas content.

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