The team behind Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE is the same that worked on the Danganronpa series, so they know a thing or two about creating a hit franchise. While the team certainly loves what they achieved with Danganronpa, their desire to go beyond paved the way for Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE.

In an interview with Gematsu, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE scenario writer Kazutaka Kodaka talks about the main goal of this new title, which is to hopefully reach an even greater audience than Danganronpa. Kodaka also reveals some of his inspirations behind this title, all of which you can read about below.

“Since RAIN CODE is created by the same staff behind Danganronpa, there will be similar elements, because they look at Danganronpa as one of their prides. So we don’t think RAIN CODE being similar in nature is a negative thing. And while Danganronpa was really well received, I thought that there was a limit when creating the scenario. So by creating RAIN CODE in 3D with the Mystery Labyrinth and all that, I thought that maybe there’s a greater audience that we could appeal to who maybe don’t really like mystery games as well. And I think because Danganronpa became as big as it did, we had more budget to create more things. And I always wanted to create a 3D game like Detroit: Become Human and Life is Strange. So that’s why we ended up creating a new IP. In the end, we made the game because we wanted to.”

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