Charlie Day wants a Luigi's Mansion movie

Who would play E. Gadd?

28 March 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 5

Charlie Day is the voice of Luigi in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie from Nintendo and Illumination, and he’s currently doing the press junket rounds to promote the film’s April 5th, 2023 arrival. This means he’s being bombarded with all sorts of questions, including ones about continuing his work as Luigi.

While Nintendo and Illumination haven’t made a single peep about what’s next in the Mario universe, it seems Charlie Day is keen to stick around in the role of Luigi. In an interview with Phase Zero, Day was asked if he had any interest in returning for a Luigi’s Mansion movie should the opportunity arise. As you might have guessed, Day is all-in.

“Yes I do. Big time. You’re not the first [to ask] but let’s get that out in the zeitgiest. Let’s make this happen, okay? I am in.”

[Charlie Day]

Could we ever see a Luigi’s Mansion movie materialize? That likely depends on just how big of a hit the Super Mario Bros. movie is. I guess we’ll all find out together on April 5th!

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1y ago

“Who would play E. Gadd?”
Why Danny DeVito of course. They have a great working relationship already in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

King Boo should be played by Tim Curry.


1y ago


"So anyway, I started haunting..."

“Shut up you dumb bird…o”


1y ago

An actor would like to make a bunch of money? Shocking