The Super Mario Bros. movie comes out April 5th, 2023, but fans are already wondering what’s next. Will we see other characters from the Mario universe get their own films? If Seth Rogen has his way, Donkey Kong will get his time in the spotlight. had the chance to speak to Rogen about his work as Donkey Kong in the Super Mario Bros. movie, which they parlayed into discussion about a Donkey Kong Country spinoff film. Obviously there’s nothing official in the works and no one knows what’s next, but Rogen clearly has an interest in the idea.

“It would be fun. I honestly had a great time doing it and I think like it’s a big world, gigantic, and it seems to be a thing that people are excited to see.”

[Seth Rogen]

Chances are Nintendo and Illumination are looking at the Super Mario Bros. movie as the first step in a rich cinematic future. Whatever the future holds, the first step hits theaters on April 5th, 2023, so make sure to get your tickets now!

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1y ago

I would enjoy a DK solo outing but they need to recast the voice. Nothing like having someone who hates doing the job playing the role and in this case a neolib anti worker who likes to stiff people on pay.


1y ago

I fully welcome more Nintendo movies, pending a successful Mario movie. But why does Seth Rogen get to dip his toes in so many of our childhood favorites? He's not particularly good at anything he's done (though I haven't seen the stoner comedies he's known for).


1y ago

Please don't let him have any creative control. He's already actively trying to ruin TMNT


1y ago

As long as the glorious Kremling King is in it and the main antagonist Im in (Well I'm in no matter what but please use K.Rool)