Much has been said about Chris Pratt voicing Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. When Pratt was first announced, fans responded with anger, confusion, and a general dislike of the idea. As subsequent trailers and commercials released, fans have at least partially warmed up to Pratt’s take on the iconic Nintendo character.

Now with the movie nearing its April 5th, 2023 release, Pratt is making the rounds to talk about his work on the project. In a feature with, Pratt opened up on the process he went through in order to find his Mario voice, and it sounds like a considerable amount of work went into it.

According to Pratt, the process involved a lot of trial and error, as the movie’s directors weren’t sure what they wanted at first. The only thing everyone involved knew was that they wanted to honor Charles Martinet’s contributions to Mario in numerous games. With that as a starting point, Pratt went through multiple sessions testing out different ideas.

After some of these sessions were in the can, Pratt and the team came to a voice that they were pretty happy with. From there on out, select recordings were played back to Pratt so that he could lock in on the voice and recreate that for the actual film. That’s how we got to what you’ve seen and heard in the trailers so far.

Of course, we won’t really get the full experience of Pratt as Mario until we check out the movie, so final judgment is reserved. Let’s hope what Pratt conjured manages to make fans happy and do both the character and Charles Martinet proud.

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1y ago

Well, it sounds like he put more effort into it than Rogen, at least.