Get Ready for the Ultimate Chicken Showdown in Scramballed: Chicken Tennis! Indie studio Unboxed, along with 11Sheep (publisher of The Office Quest and Fillit), are excited to announce that Scramballed: Chicken Tennis is available now on Switch for a price of 7.99 USD/EUR.

In Scramballed, players can expect to experience a wacky version of tennis, where they can control a cast of quirky cluckers and compete in a chicken showdown! Armed with their trusty frying pans, up to four friends or AI can battle it out until one player emerges as the Ultimate Mother Clucker.

With simple controls consisting of only one stick and three buttons, players can lay, lob, and throw eggs with ease. However, only the most dedicated players will become “one with the pan” as they hone their counter timing and cultivate the ideal egg-smash-face strategies.

Scramballed boasts multiple arenas, including vibrant and colorful graphics, where players can choose their favorite place to Scramball, whether it be on a farm, canyon, or even outer space! Just watch out for fowl play.

In addition to being a fun-filled experience, Scramballed: Chicken Tennis is also vegan-friendly. No chickens were harmed in the making of this video game. All eggs were unfertilized and launched with consent by the chickens who laid them.


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