Thea, the legendary Speedster, has entered the Grand Tournament! You’ll usually find Thea kicking Asgard with her Battle Boots & Rocket Lance in Thundergard Stadium. She’s second to none in Brawlball, Dodgebomb, and all of Valhalla’s Eternal Sports tournaments.

Though her story was lost to ancient history, Theaklydea of Athens, the daughter of Medea, was sent by Zeus on an epic quest to retrieve the Winged Helm of Hermes from the fortress of Asgard. Once she arrived, she found she enjoyed the spirited competition in Valhalla, and made it her home away from home. Thea’s debut makes her the 58th Legend to permanently join the roster.

Patch 7.06 is also stacked with other exciting new additions like a new Volleybrawl Game Mode, Boomerang Gadget available in Experimental & Test Features, and several Game Improvements & Bug Fixes.

Over in the realm of Brawlhalla Esports, witness the conclusion of Spring Championship 2023 with Doubles! Tune in to our official Twitch stream to catch all the action LIVE & and earn Viewership Rewards like the new RGB Orb Weapon Skin.

As Ranked Season 27 comes to a close, get ready to redeem your Glory and begin a new climb to earn the elusive Valhallan rank! Ranked Season 28 begins on April 12th, featuring 2v2 Bubble Tag in the Seasonal Ranked Queue for the first time.

You can find the full patch notes for Brawlhalla’s latest update here.

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