LEGO 2K Drive is the next big LEGO game in the works, and if the developers have their way, this is going to be the start of an absolutely massive franchise.

In an interview with Videogames Chronicle, executive producer Mark Pierce spoke about the plan going forward for LEGO 2K Drive, and the intention is to bring players a lot more as the years roll on.

“We all want this to be a multi-year arc. We want there to be a Drive 2, 3, 4 and 5. There’s several stuff that we have planned for post-launch that takes it to the levels that we knew we couldn’t do within the launch game. We want to expand the creativity beyond just cars, right? We’d love to be able to build all sorts of things.”

[Executive Producer, Mark Pierce]

The expansion of LEGO 2K Drive also seems to include some big-name collaborations. While specifics weren’t shared, Pierce definitely hinted at things being in the works behind the scenes.

“There’s no announcements about that at the moment, but I wouldn’t be shocked. [Drive] is truly a AAA effort and we’re at the pinnacle of all of these different brands and everything, and the commitment from these large companies is very high. We have a lot of stuff I can’t really talk about now… But there are collaborations that are coming down the line, as we get to post-launch, that are very impressive. I think Lego fans are gonna love them.”

[Executive Producer, Mark Pierce]

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