Hi-Rez studios has released the Emergence Community Patch for Paladins. This is a new, experimental type of patch designed to touch on various community wants between our larger updates. This patch is aimed at tackling various requests we heard the community mention throughout the end of 2022 and into Emergence. You can see notes for this update below.

A fan-favorite event from Paladin’s past, Rise of Furia is returning as an LTM every weekend for the rest of Emergence! Climb the Abyssal Spire as it chases after you in this parkour-based mode, with the team who reaches the top first and destroys the heart gaining a buff to their Ultimate in the following deathmatch. We’ve made a more modern iteration: Pick any Champion, including Champions released after, as well as equipping loadouts!

As part of the mode returning, we’ve also brought back the Abyssal Lord Drogoz skin, which has been limited to the event prior. It’ll be available in the shop for 1,250 Crystals for the first time in almost 5 years!


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