Sonic Origins brought Switch fans another collection of classic Sonic games, but there were some features, tweaks and components missing that fans were pretty vocal about. Thankfully, most of those are going to be fixed in Sonic Origins Plus, and that’s due to SEGA teaming up with a dev Sonic fans have a lot of respect for.

Developer Headcannon, which worked on Sonic Mania, has confirmed that they’re involved with Sonic Origins Plus. The developer shared the extent of their work on Sonic Origins Plus in a series of tweets, which you can read below.

It’s coming - Sonic Origins Plus! We’re happy to announce that we’ve once again cooperated with SEGA to update this project; you know we can’t resist Sonic! Here’s some of what you can look forward to in Origins Plus:

We were excited to hear that SEGA wanted to make Amy playable, and we couldn’t resist an opportunity to help her into the spotlight! New playable characters need new sprites, and our own @AStartShow was certainly up to the design task while @DashPadSPD performed data management.

Knuckles is now playable in Sonic CD, as well! As with the inclusion of playable Amy, we were thrilled to provide some new graphics to complement SEGA’s efforts in making this possible.

Alongside SEGA’s work in updating the collection, we were also able to supply a few additional updates and enhancements to help make the title the best it can be! We appreciate their openness to our feedback and suggestions.

We’re very proud to have had a hand in bringing out the best In this collection; Sega have placed a lot of trust in us in by allowing this, and we appreciate that greatly! We can’t wait for you to experience it!


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