The 3DS eShop is officially closed for business, as Nintendo virtually shuttered the online shop earlier this week. While 3DS owners can still redownload titles they’ve already purchased, it’s now impossible to buy games for the first time.

This move has impacted a great deal of games, including some that only released digitally as 3DS eShop games and DSiWare titles. Among that list is SteamWorld: Tower Defense, which was a DSiWare exclusive that never received a port to any other platform.

In an interview on the Kit and Krysta podcast, SteamWorld series creator and Thunderful Group co-founder Brjann Sigurgeirsson shared that the 3DS eShop’s closure was definitely a sad occasion, as now it’s impossible for anyone to purchase SteamWorld: Tower Defense.

“Should we take the game and port it, like make a Switch version or something… [unfortunately] we just don’t have time to make a Switch version of Tower Defense and for me it’s upsetting a little bit cause it means that it’s going to go from being a game that very few people are downloading nowadays to a game that nobody can download.”

[SteamWorld series creator and Thunderful Group co-founder Brjann Sigurgeirsson]

If you have SteamWorld: Tower Defense on your 3DS or DSi, consider yourself among the lucky few. Hopefully the SteamWorld team does get around to a port one day, but for now, the game is lost to time.

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