Nippon Ichi Software has released a big wave of content for Xicatrice. There’s a slew of screens and art to check out here, along with details on the game’s supporting cast, skill systems and more. You can see the complete breakdown of these details below, courtesy of a translation from Gematsu.

■ What is Xicatrice?

Xicatrice is a “superpowers x academy RPG” where you play as a teacher who leads a special unit of students on dangerous missions during the school year. The player nurtures the students through a cycle of “Class,” “Skill Build,” and “Combat” while managing their physical conditions.


  • Teach skills to students through a daily curriculum.

Skill Build

  • Construct the best countermeasure against enemies, choosing from countless skills available.


  • Choose actions for each turn based on proposals made by students, and defeat the enemy.

■ Supporting Characters

Aside from the students the player leads, these are some other characters that appear throughout the game.

Renshi Kamiya (voiced by Tomohito Takatsuka)

“I don’t care if you’re annoyed. I’ve already decided to intervene in your issue.”

The game’s main character. A member of the Anti Abnormal Unusual Talent Team (AUT) who used to resolve cases caused by superpower users, but lost his own ability due to a certain incident. Now, he leads RAUT 302nd Unit as a teacher and a former superpower user.

Takayuki Akutsu (voiced by Yukiya Matsui)

“Don’t get me wrong. I just came to see how you were doing under orders from above.”

A co-worker from the main character’s AUT days, and Rui’s older brother. He and the main character have known each other since they were students. Possessing an ability that surpasses that of a normal superpower user, he is currently the squad leader for AUT.

Rui Akutsu (voiced by Yumika Yano)

“If you fail, it’s as simple as trying again until you succeed. Fortunately, there’s no need to rush right now…”

A lab worker at the Superpower Medical Center. She is in charge of following up on the main character and students. Using a special equipment called the CUAD, she supports the students of RAUT 302nd Unit by helping them overcome their emotional scars. She is worried for her brother, who is constantly buried under work for the AUT.

■ System

“Majors” Determine the Skills Students Learn

Approximately 300 skills appear in this game, and they are organized by tendency into 15 categories called “Majors.” In order to learn a skill, the player must choose the “major” that the skill is organized into, and then reach a certain level of basic stats.

For example, in order for Kei Namisaki to learn the healing skill “Resurrection,” the player must choose the “Healing Arts (Chiyu Kyoshiki-ka)” major, then raise the basic stats of “Concentration” to 44 and “Logic” to 53.

In addition, majors can be changed monthly, and the amount of majors that can be chosen at one time can increase depending on the growth of the student.

Skills that Utilize a Student’s Characteristics

How a character grows to have certain specifications depends on the player, but each of the seven students have unique initial statuses and basic stats that are easier to level up than others. Here we will take a look at four students and their characteristics, as well as their initial skills.

—Haruki Suzuhira

Because he has high accuracy and a high rate of a critical hit, he is able to use the consecutive attack skill “Double Attack,” which sacrifices accuracy for a higher rate of critical damage.

—Toma Asahi

Using her strong defense against physical attacks to her advantage, she can force enemies to focus their attacks on her through the use of “Shield Strike,” thereby allowing her to protect her allies.

—Wakaba Shinomori

Using her quickness, she can use “Quick Attack” to strike first against many enemies.

—Yuichi Kamishiro

With his immense physical attack power, the high-powered “Smash” can be used to take out a great portion of the enemy’s HP with just one strike.

Furthermore, even if using the same skill, the attack’s strength and SP consumption will vary depending on the basic stats of the character. For example, a character with Judgment at 30 will use Smash that has “Strength 2.4x, SP Usage 9.” However, a character with Judgment at 60 will us a Smash with “Strength 2.9x, SP Usage 15.”

—“Smash” for Kamishiro with heightened Judgment. The strength is very high.

“Passive Skills” Will Significantly Change the Style of Combat

Skills can be separated into two categories. Active Skills like “Smash” that are suggested actions, and Passive Skills that goes into effect just by equipping them.

There are many types of Passive Skills, including “Cautious Action,” which raises your attack power by the number of attacks by the enemy, and “Protection Arts: Break (Goshiki: Ha),” which protects allies from physical attacks. These skill types do not activate until certain conditions are met, but offer powerful effects when triggered.

—By equipping “Cautious Action” and using “Double Attack,” he can attack with double the attack strength in one turn. Aim for the synergy from combining two skills.

—“Charge Arts I: Tenacity (Soushiki I: Gankyou)” is continuously in effect, raising the level of HP and attack power.

—“Start Dash” can only be activated at the beginning of combat, but significantly increases a multiple of statuses. When combined with “Quick Attack,” it is possible to down an enemy with the first strike.

Counterattack, Follow-Up Attack, and Auto-Attack – Passive Skills Increase Options

The core of combat is to choose one action every turn from the proposals made by the students, after which only that student is able to perform an action. However, with equipped skills, students whose proposals were not chosen are able to act as well.

Some passive skills automatically activate an equipped Active Skill every turn based on probability. Some Passive Skills react to specific actions taken by allies, following up on their attacks. Other Passive Skills are activated when receiving attacks or evading, acting as counterattacks to enemy actions. By equipping these skills, it is possible to increase the number of actions possible in one turn.

—The passive skill “Elemental Additional Attack Arts (Zokusei-ha tsuishiki)” is a follow-up attack triggered by an ally’s elemental attack.

—“Evasion Arts: Break (Hishiki: Ha)” is a counterattack passive skill triggered by dodging the enemy attack. By combining it with a skill that enhances dodging, it can become a powerful attack option.

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