Fuga: Melodies of Steel has been updated to Version 1.50 on Nintendo Switch. Check out the patch notes for this update below.

  • Status of Turbo Mode/Auto Text is now saved.
  • Improved visibility when enabling/disabling Turbo Mode/Auto Text.
  • Turbo Mode is now available to players starting from their first playthrough—and its speed has been doubled.
  • Retry Mode has been added to help players who missed the true ending.
  • Corrected the colors of HP/SP waypoints to match the color of the gauges.
  • Changed default key assignments of confirm/cancel for keyboard control.
  • Added the feature to check the status of the Taranis from the item trade screen.
  • Increased the battle tempo.
  • The newly added binoculars lets you check the enemy’s status right from the formation screen.
  • Improved usability of the formation screen.
  • Improved visual effect in the battle result screen.
  • Cross-key control is now supported during intermissions.
  • Improved usability of character change UI for intermissions.
  • Improved visual effect of unlocking facilities.
  • Added the automatic harvesting of crops before each intermission.
  • Improved usability of Farming UI.
  • Improved usability of Dormitory UI.
  • Improved usability of Laundry Room UI.
  • Improved usability of Observation Room/Expedition UI.
  • Default page of the status screen is changed to a character in control.
  • Improved visibility of the item trade menu.
  • Other improvements include: Operational stability and bug fixes.

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