Theatrhythm Final Bar Line has an absolutely insane soundtrack. The game features over 400 songs for you to tap away to, and now Square Enix is doing their best to offer a similar audio experience outside of the game itself.

Square Enix has started an official Theatrhythm Final Bar Line playlist to allow fans to enjoy the game’s many tracks outside of the game itself. Obviously, all the songs in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line come from various Square Enix franchises, like Final Fantasy and The World Ends With You, so there’s a ton of variety to get from this playlist.

Below is an embed and link to the YouTube version of Square Enix’s playlist. There are over 50 tracks in the playlist so far, but Square Enix promises to add more as the weeks roll on. If you’d rather stream these tracks on another platform, you can find multiple options here.

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