As with every commercial, promo video and trailer released so far, fans have been closely analyzing the latest TV spot for the Super Mario Bros. movie. While there’s plenty to take in, one particular moment makes it seem like the film will be slyly hiding a reference to another classic Nintendo title.

This particular Easter egg is on-screen in literally the first second of the latest commercial. It’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, as the reference is hiding on the wall in the background of the scene. Give the video above a watch and see if you can spot it. If not, we’ve got an image below that should help out.


While it might be a bit blurry, it certainly does seem like Doc Louis and Little Mac from Punch-Out!! are posing in a picture. Chances are we’ll be able to get a bigger, clearer look once we see the film in theaters, but the video and screencap above are enough for us to feel confident in saying that Punch-Out!! has definitely received a nod.

Also, just in case you missed it, this opening scene in the commercial also has another reference. Take a listen to Luigi’s ringtone on his phone and you’ll no doubt notice that it’s playing the first few notes of the GameCube start-up sound!

Thanks to M4kk0 for the heads up!

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