While Mom Brain isn’t with us this episode, Lube stops by to fill in! Well, he stops by, leaves and then comes back. What can I say? It’s Lube, only he understands his mysterious ways. As for the rest of the show, we’ve got the latest on Microsoft and Sony’s fight, tons of Mario movie talk, a section gushing about the latest Zelda footage and SO much more!

Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the artwork!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the artwork!

Thanks to Gybones for putting together the timestamps for this week’s episode!

00:00:00 Theme Music

00:00:33 Introduction

00:01:07 Pokémon Desc

00:02:20 Crew Greetings

00:04:38 Discord Hellos

00:05:34 Pre-News Talk

00:28:52 Now I Get News

00:29:18 Zelda TotK Direct

00:41:28 Mario Movie Composer Details Kondo’s Involvement

00:44:53 Ubisoft Devs Report Crunch on Just Dance 2023

00:48:44 Zelda TotK Special Edition Switch

00:52:51 Charlie Day would like a Luigi’s Mansion Movie

00:57:18 Pratt Understands Backlash

01:04:07 AC Heartbreaking and Heartwarming Story

01:09:36 Mario Movie Post Credit Scene Confirmed

01:17:19 US NPD Feb 2023

01:26:37 Early Drafts of 1993 Mario Movie

01:30:14 NA eShop Releases

01:33:09 Nicky Hill’s Sweet (Euro eShop) Releases

01:35:47 Rumor: Martinet role in movie revealed

01:38:04 Charlie Day, Pratt want a Metroid Movie

01:41:06 E3 2023 Cancelled

01:45:40 Whatcha Been Playin’ Pod Crew?

02:26:27 Listener Question

02:14:06 Patreon Question

02:26:05 Deux’s Rumor

02:28:28 Goodbyes

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Comments (7)


1y ago

Big thanks to whoever does the time-stamps! Didn't wanna hear anything about the TotK gameplay and was worried I'd have to skip the whole ep to be safe!


1y ago

Hey what’s with these short mini episodes? Bring back 3 hours :)


1y ago


This week it's Gybones who did the timestamps. I agree, a huge help and definitely important for those who want to stay unspoiled!


1y ago


With Mom B. not being here, I completely blame her!


1y ago

I really do not understand the hate towards Chris Pratt. I'm more annoyed at the fact Seth Rogan is the voice of Donkey Kong.


1y ago


It's not really hate, just disappointment. I'm also not thrilled with Rogan as well. That said, I'm willing to give both a shot and see how they do in the movie. We'll definitely be sharing our final thoughts on the next podcast, since we've got our tickets to see the movie on Friday!


1y ago


I have no problems with either of them. And I don't understand why someone would want Martinet as the voice actor, the Mario voice he does is good, but only because Mario talks so little in the games.