Blanc has been updated to Version 1.1.2. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


  • Fixed an issue in Chapter Select where repeated key inputs during the loading screen resulted in an infinite loading screen
  • Addressed an issue where title does not progress past save warning screen when there’s no active internet connection
  • Improvements made to the HUD, UI, main menu, and interactable elements display and functionality
  • Fixed an issue in the options menu where changes were no longer being recorded after many repeated changes were being made
  • Improvements made to the character selection screen, especially in second controller management


  • Overall gameplay improvements have been made to the wolf and fawn’s interactivity with the environment, for example jumping or clipping into an unintended area, getting stuck and being unable to proceed, or wolf being able to jump to a high ledge without the fawn’s assistance (when intended), and many other fixes
  • The geese, goats, and siblings sections have had improvements made to ensure the NPCs appear properly. Progress and progression steps are not skippable or locking players from proceeding
  • Many reported gameplay issues that caused the game to freeze, or lock have been resolved, including collision and progression bugs
  • Camera functionality has been improved – transitions and clipping into objects/environment have been smoothed or fixed
  • When playing online co-op, improvements have been made to display of the second character
  • Puzzles interactivity have been improved, especially for the gosling wind puzzle at the end of Chapter 5


  • Overall connectivity fixes have been made to online and local co-operative play modes based on user-reported issues and feedback
  • Fixed an issue reported in local gameplay after launching then canceling a game multiple times in a row where the loading symbol remained present even after a client has joined
  • Localized text should now properly appear (based on user language settings) when a client runs into connectivity issues
  • Resolved an issue found after completing an online session and waiting through the credits, when returning into the multiplayer game modes caused one of the users to have a loss of functionality with the shoulder and back buttons
  • Fixed an issue when closing the pause menu and/or interacting with it while in an online game that causes a user to be disconnected
  • Improvements made to various connectivity issues that were causing desync and/or loss of functionality
  • Fixes made to bugs reported when linking Steam and Epic Games Store accounts, causing the invite friend sub-menu functionality to stop working
  • Resolved various issues such as: searching for local games being unresponsive, trying to select a character in either online modes causes the user to be kicked off the lobby, or the characters cannot be selected (controls unresponsive)


  • In online co-op, controller reassignment menu fixes have been made to display the correct controllers of both users
  • Various use cases of controller disconnect issues have been resolved, including in local solo multiplayer disconnecting a controller causing the pause menu to only appear for the one currently in control of both characters
  • When converting from an online multiplayer game to solo mode, contextual action prompts have been fixed and should display the proper inputs for the local controllers
  • When player 1 controller is disconnected, the player 2 controller will become the primary controller
  • Fixed an issue so that the controller does not fully override keyboard functionality on Online Multiplayer lobby

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1y ago

Awesome! I was looking forward to this game but didn't end up getting it after reading reviews. These patch notes seem like those issues are being addressed.