Over the weekend, we pointed out that Jack Black showed up on the red carpet for the Super Mario Bros. movie with a one-of-a-kind suit. That suit gave Black a bit of a Bowser makeover in line with his character in the Super Mario Bros. movie. Turns out Black wasn’t the only one who wore something inspired by his character to the red carpet.

As you can see above, Chris Pratt and Charlie Day showed up on the red carpet in red and green suits, aligning themselves with their roles as Mario and Luigi in the film. Even more impressive is Anya Taylor-Joy, who was dressed in a pink jumpsuit that reflects Princess Peach not only in color, but design as well. Peach is seen wearing a very similar outfit in the movie when Mario Kart comes into play, so Taylor-Joy clearly went all-out with her outfit.

Unfortunately, Seth Rogen didn’t feel like dressing up as his character or even paying homage. Rogen was seen on the red carpet in a standard outfit, leaving fans wondering why he didn’t get in on the fun with his co-stars. As Rogen plays Donkey Kong, all he had to do was wear a red tie and call it a day, but apparently that wasn’t part of his plan.

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1y ago

Rogen also doesn't feel the need to create a voice for his characters or pay overtime wages to his animation and fx studios he hires.


1y ago


I don't mean to excuse those practices, because they are awful, and it is good that a light is being shown on them. However, how do you say that this is Seth Rogen's fault? He was a writer and voice actor for the movie. While he did co-found one of the production companies that made the movie, I wonder how much direct involvement they had other than some creative control. The animation studio that bore the complaints is Nitrogen Studios, something with which he seems to have no affiliation. I didn't notice his name come up in the complaints, either. Now, maybe he ought to have spoken up about the issues, either in the past or in the present. But, I'm not sure your accusations against him are warranted. Feel free to argue your case with more evidence; I only spent a few minutes trying to find information on the story.

He's a dirtbag hollywood person that in typical hollywood fashion overworks their animation/fx studios and bankrupts them because most of the work they do is overtime and they don't pay that. I have nothing but scorn for him. On top of his lazy attitude towards voice acting.


1y ago

Seth Rogan is the worst part of this movie. Hope they recast for a sequel or if they make a Donkey Kong movie.


1y ago

And yet again I am glad that I can simply watch the german version, enjoy the professional VA's work, and call it a day.