Nintendo has made a big update to their Joy-Con repair offer for those in Europe. For quite some time now, Nintendo has been offering free Joy-Con repair in North America. Now our friends in Europe can get the same treatment.

Nintendo has confirmed that anyone with Joy-Con drift issues in EEA (European Economic Area), UK, and Switzerland can now send in their Joy-Con and get them fixed or replaced without paying a penny. Nintendo released a statement on the change, which you can read below.

“Nintendo takes great pride in creating high-quality and durable products and is continuously making improvements to them. Therefore and until further notice, Nintendo offers to consumers who purchased the respective product in the EEA, UK and Switzerland that repairs for responsiveness syndrome relating to control sticks will be conducted at no charge by official Nintendo repair centres.”


If you’ve been suffering from Joy-Con drift issues and you’re in Europe, you can follow the steps on this website to get your problems taken care of.

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1y ago

“Nintendo takes great pride in creating high-quality and durable products..."

Dude. This is so cynical, it makes me angry.

Why? Nintendo have a genuine proven record of durable high quality hardware. The joy-con drift issue is an outlier and minority incident. The next “biggest” hardware issue I can think of is the N64 controller stick.


1y ago

Nice to see, but a little late with OG switch nearing the tail end of its life. By now most peeps have learnt to repair this themselves at home.


1y ago

Both my joy cons are fizzed, I need to figure out if Nintendo is doing free repairs for New Zealand. If not I'll play the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 trump card.


1y ago

The article doesn't mention how the EU is forcing Nintendo to do this. But anyways,...

Either that or use some electro-cleaning spray. I have an OG Switch and it works perfect after a little cleaning =)