UPDATE: The Kickstarter stretch goal for bringing SELINI to Switch was reached, so the game will officially come to the platform sometime in the future. No specifics on release date have been shared. You can see our original post on the game below.

Cinematic platformer SELINI has already achieved its base funding on Kickstarter, which means the game is a lock for PC. Now it’s time to make sure this promising-looking title also finds its way to Switch.

The team behind SELINI are willing to bring the title to Switch, so long as the stretch goal is hit. The base goal sat at $10k, while the Switch stretch goal is $19k. The game is already well on its way to that stretch goal, as backers have brought the total pledges up to over $13k as of right now.

SELINI is a nonlinear exploration adventure about dark and corrupted replicants, alternated gravity, an old spaceship, a deserted fishing boat, replicas of worlds into other worlds, secret tribes and many more… Get the control of the last replicant and figure out what has happened.

If you want to learn more about the game or help it achieve the Switch stretch goal, you can check out the Kickstarter here.

Thanks to Cassiel for the heads up!

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