Lifeweaver is the 37th hero and will be the newest Support to join the Overwatch roster when Season 4 goes live on April 11!

Hailing from Thailand, Lifeweaver is characterized by his love and respect for nature as well as his advanced biolight technology. This groundbreaking advancement is woven throughout his abilities, and plays a pivotal role in the healing and utility aspects of his kit.

Whether he’s raising his teammates up with his Petal Platform, pulling them to safety with Life Grip, or sustaining their health with Healing Blossom—Lifeweaver is a well-rounded Support who adds massive sustainability and utility to his team.

Bringing one of the most complex playstyles to the game to date and being the first openly pansexual Overwatch hero, we can’t wait for players to experience all that Lifeweaver brings to the game when he joins the fight on April 11!

You can read through a developer deep dive on Lifeweaver here.

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