Back in 1990, you might have seen the poster above in a number of different game retailers. It’s not a poster promoting any of Nintendo’s upcoming games, but rather, a note from Nintendo on why you shouldn’t call all video games/game products a ‘Nintendo.’ Sure, our parents ignored this suggestion, but why was Nintendo so keen to push this?

In the video above, we get a full explanation as to why Nintendo was so adamant about not calling all things gaming a Nintendo. It all has to do with trademarks, and Nintendo desperately wanting to protect their brand. When your company name becomes an all-encompassing word for anything, that opens you up to trademark disputes, which could end up diluting your brand in the long run.

Give the above video a watch for a much more detailed explanation of the topic. Also, if your parents STILL call everything a Nintendo, make sure they watch as well!

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2y ago

Could be worse. For some reason my parent always called it "Intendo". For the life of me I couldn't figure out why they left out the first N.


2y ago

I remember it being a huge problem in the 80s and 90s, then everything became a playstation.


2y ago

Gotta get power...Nintendo Power!