As the Super Mario Bros. movie is starting to release around the world, fans are getting to see all the references and Easter eggs it includes. Unfortunately, it seems one of those special moments in the movie doesn’t credit the person behind the creation.

Composer Grant Kirkhope has created all sorts of music for Nintendo-related titles, and that includes the infamous DK Rap from Donkey Kong 64. While the rap does make an appearance in the film, Kirkhope’s name is nowhere to be found in the credits.

The credits take a more straightforward approach with the DK Rap, simply accrediting the song to Donkey Kong 64. Obviously Kirkhope was sad to see this, sharing the following sentiment on Twitter.

I was really looking forward to see my name in the credits for the DK Rap, but alas as expected it’s not there …….. fml

[Grant Kirkhope]
Thanks to GekkouKitsune for the heads up!

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1y ago

If you would credit every single person that has worked on every character, music track, asset and easter egg that has appeared in the movie then the credits would've been 30 minutes long.


1y ago

I don't care how packed or long the credits would be, every person who played a role in the creation of something should be credited. And if the song was included in the movie, the least they could do is put the creator's name in.
They're credits, 90% of people don't look at them, but they're there for a reason. Legal reasons at that.


1y ago


That's kind of a weak excuse. Majority of viewers aren't going to sit through them anyway.