Developer Berzerk Studio (Just Shapes & Beats) today announced with publisher The Arcade Crew that Infernax: Deux or Die, the free multiplayer update adding a new playable fighter, simultaneous co-operative play, and warrior-swapping combat for solo players in the goriest successor to classic action adventure games, is now available to owners of the original Infernax on Switch.

The update arrives with a new launch trailer spotlighting the added intensity an extra fighter brings to Infernax: Deux or Die’s sidescrolling sparrings with hell’s most fiendish beasts. Get a blood-splattered look at Infernax: Deux or Die’s elevated melee combat in new gameplay of both co-operative and single player, character-swapping action.

Infernax: Deux or Die features:

  • A Formidable New Fighter: Cervul the Squire joins the demon-bashing fray with deadly proficiency in axe throwing and tool-assisted combat along with buff-granting abilities
  • Powerfully Vile Attacks: Should Cervul be led down Infernax: Deux or Die’s darker morality path, an explosive alternate moveset will completely overhaul his playstyle
  • Dual Warrior Combat: Two players can dispatch hell’s grisliest terrors in simultaneous local co-op, while solo players can tag between controlling either fighter
  • A Fully Rebalanced Quest: A fully rebalanced adventure offers a distinct playthrough of Infernax’s entire campaign, tailored to accommodate a second playable hero (or villain)
  • Co-Op Gun Mode: The beloved Contra-style homage now packs enough ammo for two - trade in a mace and axe for some serious firepower in this pitch-perfect throwback accessed via gaming’s greatest secret code

Infernax: Deux or Die follows 2022’s debut of The Stranger, Infernax’s previous free content update which added a playable character inspired by classic horror pop culture. The Stranger wields a distinct arsenal of their own, turning beasts into a bloody gore with a devastating shotgun and an arsenal of blunt objects - all while donning a retro hockey mask, of course.

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