Today, YouTube Gaming released a new video celebrating a milestone of over 100 billion views of Mario-related content on YouTube, with content ranging from hilarious one-off viral videos to dedicated channels videos from hardcore Mario enthusiasts who have dedicated their YouTube channels to Mario, and, really, everything from everyone in-between.


Mario content has been a part of YouTube’s DNA since the beginning. One of the very first viral Mario videos was of a pianist playing the Mario theme blindfolded back in 2006. And Creators like darbian were one of the original speedrunners racing to the finish. And what he and others started is still going — today the speedrunning community uploads more speedruns of Mario than any other series

The Mario community includes its fair share of Creators we know and love, like Japan’s very own Hikakin, who got his start with a viral beatboxing video featuring the Mario theme song. The Mario fandom in Japan is unbeatable, especially when it comes to Mario Maker, where our Creators are creating one-of-a-kind levels impossible to beat then spend untold hours attempting to beat them.


Some of the most amazing Mario videos have come from people literally trying to bring Mario into the real world, either by cosplaying as Mario in videos, animating Mario in real world spaces or even creating intricate stop-motion animations of Mario. But it doesn’t stop there. From arts and crafts to cooking, makeup to nail art, to IRL, music and even weddings! Whatever someone’s interest, there’s likely a Mario expression of it on YouTube. And the dedication is inspiring: there are over 2,000 channels dedicated to Mario content, and these creators are the beating hearts of the Mario community on YouTube.

Over 2 million channels have uploaded Mario videos, and a new one is uploaded every 20 seconds. Over the years, the Mario community on YouTube has grown into its own ecosystem where fans can create and share their own unique take on one of the world’s most recognizable characters. YouTube is where gaming culture lives. It’s where Mario fans can drive new ways to experience Mario and his world through sharing their creativity and uploading their contributions to the community. 100 billion views and growing — and no end to the magic of community on YouTube.

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1y ago

An amazing milestone for our main man! Time for a new main line Mario title Nintendo...just a tease will do to keep those views rolling!


1y ago

Smash isn't a Mario game but there's no way it's not number 1... They must have made an error.