Independent game designer Wonderlust Games is announcing a 2.5D role-playing game (RPG) called Infinite Mana, and the game’s Kickstarter has just gone live.

Set in the fantasy world of Arukea, players control the Wanderer, an amnesiac nobody who can bend reality to their will by “glitching” the world around them. They’ll make friends, unlock 20 different Guises (classes) that can be utilized on the field, and immerse themselves in a world that is slowly tearing itself apart.

The goal with Infinite Mana is to create an engaging and unique RPG that hearkens back to classic JRPGs while employing modern game design techniques. The world is large and there’s so much to discover: with secrets around every corner, a battle system with many classes to play around with, and ‘glitches’ that transform the world around the player. You will bounce between 2.5D and 2D in classic game styles and be taken off guard when these glitches present themselves.

Infinite Mana has a chance at coming to Switch, but only via stretch goal. We don’t know that goal just yet, but the developer has said a Switch port would be a priority above other platforms. You can learn more about Infinite Mana and pledge some funding through this link.

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