Clear off some room on your display shelf—the Sitting Cuties collection has entered the Unova region. Available now at the Pokémon Center, this line of 174 (!) all-new plush is loaded with plenty of fan-favorite Pokémon. Of course, there’s the region’s first partner Pokémon, Snivy, Tepig, and Oshawott, along with their evolved forms, but you’ll also find more popular Pokémon like Zoroark, Chandelure, and Hydreigon.

If you love Legendary Pokémon, this new collection has plenty to choose from. There are adorable plush versions of Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem along with Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. Plus, the other Legendary Pokémon—Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion. And yes, Unova’s Mythical Pokémon are here as well. There are, indeed, Sitting Cuties of Keldeo, Meloetta, and Genesect.

Of course, every other Pokémon that was originally discovered in the Unova region is available, too, so don’t worry about your personal favorite not being represented in this line of huggable plush. The Unova region Sitting Cuties are available now at the Pokémon Center.

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