Creatures Inc. CEO and president step down from roles

Back in your Poké Balls, you two!

05 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 3

Creatures Inc., a company that has worked on countless Pokémon games over the years and owns a share of The Pokémon Company, has just seen a major shift among its staff.

Creatures Inc. has announced that Tsunekazu Ishihara and Hirokazu Tanaka have stepped down as the CEO and President respectively. No reasons were shared as to why both men are no longer holding their positions, but they’ll be replaced by Yuji Kitano as the new CEO/President and Tomotaka Komura acting as the new Executive Vice President.

You might know that Ishihara is also the president of The Pokémon Company, and as far as we know, he’s staying on in that position. Should any more details come out about the departures, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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1y ago

That's none other that Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka, the legendary game musician, among other roles. Always fun to remember that there's an evolutionary link between early arcade Nintendo, EarthBound, and Pokemon through him and Ape/Creatures (Ishihara worked on EarthBound too). Hope it's on his terms and he's doing well.

It's THAT guy?! Neat... "HIP TANAKA" is one of those names I remember scrolling by after I beat Metroid on the NES.


1y ago

Seeing how Scarlet/Violet sell I doubt it has anything to do with the direction of the company.
At least on one hand. On the other hand those very same games have seen some major backlash and if there's one thing even more important in Japan than sales it's reputation.