Monopoly 'Super Mario Bros. Movie' Edition now available

How many Mario versions of Monopoly are there?!

05 April 2023
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There are plenty of Nintendo-related versions of Monopoly, including a variety of Mario options. Well, now you can add one more to the collection!

Monopoly ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Edition is now available, and it can be yours for $22 via Amazon. According to the official breakdown, this version of the game lets players ‘imagine battling Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom as they explore the world of the film.’

With this action-packed Monopoly The Super Mario Bros. Movie Edition kids board game, fans can explore the Mushroom Kingdom, as they buy, sell, and trade locations from The Super Mario universe! Enjoy iconic Mario artwork, characters, and themes inspired by the film. Gold coins take the place of Monopoly cash in this race to see who can collect the most coins to win. Earn even more by owning matching Property sets. But beware of Bowser, who can swipe properties, steal coins, or send players to Jail! Discover Warp Pipe shortcuts, and gather or lose coins with Question Blocks and Piranha Plants!

Last but not least, this version includes 6 Monopoly tokens representing characters & power-ups from The Super Mario Bros. Movie: Toad’s frying pan, a Super Mushroom, Peach’s crown, Luigi’s flashlight, Donkey Kong’s barrel, and Mario’s hat. You can take a closer look at this board game and make your purchase here.

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