Already looking forward to owning a physical copy of the Super Mario Bros. movie? If so, you might want to place a pre-order through Walmart for a very special package!

Walmart has revealed a Super Mario Bros. movie Limited Edition Giftset, which you can get in Blu-ray/DVD or Blu-ray/4K options. The DVD option will run you $33 while the 4K version is $38, but both including the following:

  • Super Mario Bros. Movie (Walmart Exclusive) Limited Edition Giftset with Collectible Tin Star
  • Tin Star can house the discs and be displayed on a stand

We still don’t have details on the special features or extras that this Blu-ray/DVD/4K release will offer, but we do see that the listing expects these packages to ship out November 2nd, 2023. You can take a closer look at both listings here and here.

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1y ago

That's not going to fit on my DVD shelves. But it's a nice decoration for a video-game-themed room. Maybe I'd get it, if the movie turns out to be good.