Pretty Girls Tile Match launches for Switch today

Finally, a mahjong game you have to hide from the family!

06 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Publisher eastasiasoft has announced that Pretty Girls Tile Match is launching on the Switch eShop today. The game is priced at $6 and takes up 197 MB of space.

These Pretty Girls are no stranger to mahjong solitaire, but this new version freshens up the action puzzling with a skill-based game of match-3! Instead of pairs of tiles, here you’ll need to find 3 identical tiles to erase them from the board, while layers of trapped tiles beneath are darkened and “locked” until you uncover them.

Meet 6 lovely female companions as you play and earn points to unlock new adorable outfits for them across a whopping 120 stages, all featuring unique tile layouts and randomized patterns that pose a tough-but-fair challenge! Then head to the enhanced Dressing Room mode where you can view unlocked outfits and assemble your own custom dioramas!

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