Marfusha shoots its shot on Switch today

A very taxing experience

06 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 2

PLAYISM is proud to announce that Marfusha, the high-tempo tax-paying gate defense shooter by indie developer hinyari9, will release for Switch today. This version will feature a brand new animated opening set to its very own theme song, which depicts the world of Marfusha in one, breathtaking package.

The theme song “I’ll be there” has been created specifically for this game by singer-songwriter KOKIA, while the animation was crafted by a team consisting of developer hinyari9, and Chisey and TOHRU MiTSUHASHi, who worked on the viral music videos for the game NEEDY STREAMER OVERLOAD.

Play as Marfusha, a young girl who guards a border gate and defends it at any cost against relentless oncoming enemies. Experience the harsh pixelated dystopian world in this high-tempo shooting game with simple controls!

Scrounge up as much cash as you can from your heavily-taxed salary to purchase as many cards as you can in order to face increasingly powerful enemies!

Experience multiple endings by recruiting different allies who help you turn the tide. Replay the game over and over to fully reveal the story behind this cruel world.

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1y ago

Every time I want to know what kind of game I'm looking at the video contains no gameplay and I have to google it. Call me lazy but I lose interest most of the time and wont bother.


1y ago


Same here, video's most of time don't care annymore to show gameplay, I lose interest too if that's the case.