Back at the end of February, the Taiwanese ratings board once again gave us early notice of a game coming to Switch. That title was Mr. Sun’s Hatbox, and today brings us an official announcement of the Switch version. You can look forward to picking it up digitally on April 20th, 2023.

The dastardly Mr Moon and his troublemakers have stolen Mr Sun’s hatbox delivery from a humble courier company. With the fate of an aspiring apparel business at stake, it’s up to you to build a team, stage a series of heists, and get it back.

Starting out as a solo delivery squad, you’ll need to build up an organization of reformed hat thieves and work together as a team or against each other to beat the odds. Whether you’re sending your unit out on covert or chaotic missions, you’ll make use of a closetful of stylish headgear and an assortment of weapons to track down and return the stolen package to its rightful owner.

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