PR3PAR3 YOUR531F, because Z3R0 is back, baby! In the Z3R0 R3TURN5 Event, pal up to take on Z3R0’s plethora of PAL Bots in a radical PvPvE Playlist. Hack away at Overclocked Contracts to decode some robotic rewards and get the latest fashion downloads from the High Tech Shop!

Z3R0’s been watching and learning, and it’s time for them to show us their synthetic stuff! Battle a rival duo in a race to see who can delete the most Z3R0-controlled brawlers in the time limit. The H3R0 2 Z3R0 Bundle is back once again in the Brawl Shop to herald the triumphant return of everyone’s favorite rogue AI!

Be Z3R0’s number one when Z3R0 R3TURN5 Downloads into Knockout City on April 11th, 2023.

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