Ready for something egg-citing? Here comes the Yoshi Tour, the latest limited-time event in Mario Kart Tour, happening now!

Kart around the colorful scenery of newly added courses Yoshi’s Island and GBA Yoshi Desert in fun-filled races. New driver Poochy is hitting the tarmac this time around, too!

Gobble up the new Light-Blue Turbo Yoshi, Bright Girl, and Huffin Puffin Egg karts; the Bright Ribbon, Yoshi’s Cookies, and Smiley Flower gliders; and the well-rounded Yoshi’s Egg Balloon. You can also dress up your Mii™ character with the new Piranha Plant Mii Racing Suit.

The Yoshi Tour runs from now until April 18, 2023 at 10:59 p.m. PT. We hope you have fun!

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