Earlier this week, analysts and number-crunchers were trying to peg down just how big the opening for the Super Mario Bros. movie would be. Now that we have the first-day totals locked in, it seems all projections missed the mark, as the film opened bigger than expected. Now it looks like that could be the case for the 5-day tally as well.

The original figure most analysts were running with for the 5-day total was somewhere around $127 million. Now that the movie seems to be generating more buzz and ticket sales than expected, those projections have been shifted up to $141 million. Of course, since these are just estimates, the movie could end up lower or higher once the 5 days play out.

If the movie does end up doing better than $141 million, there’s a real big story to tell. As it stands right now, Despicable Me 2 has the highest opening ever for Illumination, bringing in $143M for its first 5-days. Now we see that the Mario movie is within striking distance to take that record for itself! We’ll have to see how things play out as the weekend hits, but lets keep fingers and toes crossed!

Thanks to DDark for the heads up!

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