Nintendo fans always want more Nintendo. When one game comes out, fans are eager to see the next. Now Nintendo is going to face that same sentiment with the world of movies.

Nintendo and Illumination have finally launched the Super Mario Bros. movie, and fans are flocking to theaters for a watch. Of course, as soon as the credits roll and movie-goers leave the theater, they want to know what’s next. While Nintendo and Illumination aren’t keen to say what they’re working on, it does seem this partnership will continue.

ScreenRant had the chance to talk to both Shigeru Miyamoto and Chris Meladandri, CEO of Illumination. Both men were asked about more Nintendo movies in the future, which led to a bit of stonewalling, but it also seems obvious this partnership is going to birth some more cinematic adventures down the line.

We are so focused right now on this movie, all the way up to Wednesday, and how the audience engages with the film. Nintendo and Illumination have had a really rewarding collaboration. Mr. Miyamoto and his colleagues have invited me to join the board of directors of Nintendo, and we’re working together into the future with me in that capacity. But it’s hard for us to talk about anything else at this time.

[Chris Meladandri, Illumination]

There’s nothing I can really comment on at the moment. But we started with the fact that we have a shared vision of creation, so I think there’ll be opportunities in the future.

Like Chris mentioned, there’s nothing we can share now. But I’m sure we will continue working on this partnership.

[Shigeru Miyamoto]

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1y ago

I honestly think this is a bit of a turning point for Nintendo. If (when?) this movie is successful, I could see a world where they branch out and look to expand their IPs in other ways besides games. That being said, I don't think there's any risk of them not keeping games as their main focus. That will always be true.


1y ago

It's gonna be Zelda next