Disney Illusion Island is coming to Switch on July 28th, 2023, which is still a ways off. Thankfully, today brings us a bunch of new gameplay details to go over.

Game Informer had the chance to talk to Dlala Studios’ CEO & creative director AJ Grand-Scrutton about all things Disney Illusion Island, and the interview gives us all sorts of new insight into the game. There’s plenty of fresh details to mull over, and you can see a summary of everything below.

  • the game can be played alone if you prefer
  • Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy all play the same
  • features a Metroid-esque map
  • there are gates that are locked off by abilities
  • influenced by classic ’90s, Mickey games, Metroid and Rayman Legends
  • there is no combat, and the focus is on platforming
  • the game is ‘kind of an homage’ and spiritual successor to Castle Of Illusion
  • in multiplayer, players can drop a rope to each other
  • characters are voiced by their authentic voice actors
  • will feature 30 to 35 minutes of fully animated cutscenes
  • there are nods to all of Mickey’s heritage in the game, but no direct connections
  • Uncle Steve is now a canonical Mickey universe character that appears in the game
  • each player can individually set their starting health

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